Is Your Insurance Company Treating You Unfairly After a Hurricane?

It happens all too often.  The storm strikes… the damage is fierce… and… your insurance company is working against you instead of with you.  Rather than help you in your time of difficulty and trouble, they turn their back on you.  Either refusing to pay on your hurricane claim… or… giving you a “low ball” offer which clearly doesn’t cover all the damage.

You’ve paid your premiums – you’re entitled to be treated fairly, aren’t you?

At the Law Office of Samuel W. Bearman, we help provide relief for home and business owners who have problems with their insurance company after a hurricane.  We handle all matters on a “ contingency fee” basis.  So if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

The lead attorney is Samuel Bearman.  Over the years, Mr. Bearman has handled more than 150 hurricane cases personally.  He has lectured on the issue of hurricane law, been quoted by the media numerous times, and authored, Hurricane Insurance Claims in The Academy of Florida Trail Lawyers Journal.

Each case is different and has different facts and consequences.  Please contact our office to discuss your case or make an appointment for a free consultation.  Please click here to contact us.



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